about me

Some of you have known me since grade school, and some of you are strangers, but none of you know everything about me.

I used to be a child genius; now I can barely remember which way to put my pants on. I am full of useless trivia, but stage fright precludes me from ever appearing on Jeopardy. It depresses me that I have forgotten most of the math and science knowledge that carried me through college. The college years were the happiest of my life.

I have had several “careers” in civil engineering, environmental engineering, ecology, retail, IT, and truck driving. I hope to add to my list someday. For now, I spend my days using Autocad to draw plans for connecting gas pipelines from the well to your house. I spend my nights dreaming that I did something wrong, and your house will explode.

I have listened to almost every kind of music, but some of my absolute favorites are Genesis, Yes, Rush, Porcupine Tree, Death Cab for Cutie, and Smashing Pumpkins. I think “Dark Side of the Moon” is the greatest single album ever. I am also a fan of big band (think Buddy Rich and Doc Severinsen), and classical (unless there is a harpsichord involved). I still have my John Philip Sousa high school band trophy on the mantel.

One time in a West Virginia diner I thought it would be funny to loudly say, “I’m a liberal atheist from California with a mental disorder. Can I get some bacon and eggs, and a cup of coffee?” Then again, I didn’t want my food to be spit on or served off the floor.

I have too many anxieties. When someone asks “what’s the worst that could happen,” I’ve already thought of it, and fully expect it to happen. Trains and boats freak me out. I’m afraid of heights and public bathrooms. I don’t like driving over bridges or riding in glass elevators. Wind makes me nervous, and a tree will someday kill me, unless twenty other bad things happen first. People are my biggest fear of all.

I love baseball, computers, road trips, hiking, and writing. I hate home improvement projects and people who are assholes. I prefer reading an article over watching a video, but I’ll admit I’m spoiled for my Kindle reader.

I believe our political and economic system is fatally broken because of laws and policies that favor the rich and people who don’t understand that fact. I am afraid that people don’t understand what words like demagogue and oligarchy really mean, and they don’t know history well enough to learn.

I think technology will change our lives radically in the next 25 years, first for good, then for the incredibly worse.

If I were an animal, I would definitely be a cat.